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Equipped with an integrated two-tone rubber strap, the SCUBA proves to be every part its

name, suitable for SCUBA diving, sailing, fishing, surfing, and swimming. Even if you never get near the water, the ruggedness and dependability of the SCUBA make it perfectly suited to hiking, camping, and any other terrestrial adventure.

Available in three colorways, all of which have their own unique character and aesthetic (and names!)

Blue - Deep Sea

Grey - Storm

Red - Coral

Whether you choose the summery hues of the blue dial and orange bezel, the sporty gray dial and red bezel, or the classy burgundy dial and grey bezel, there’s a style for everyone. Speaking of bezels, the 120-click unidirectional sapphire bezel is lumed along with the dial, crown, hour, minute, and second hands, making the SCUBA just as impressive in low light as it is in the sunshine.

Our Kickstarter launch on July 6th is quickly approaching. The funding we need to bring this watch to life will be $35,000. We don’t want to stop there - however- we are excited to announce our stretch goals for the Scuba Kickstarter!

Stretch Goal #1 $60,000 - Black strap and bezel

Dark and Light

The Scuba was designed as a fun, brightly colored watch, but we recognize this might not be

for everyone or there may be times when you just want a bit more discreet look.

Therefore, we will offer an all-black strap, with all the same detailing as the originals, and a black bezel.

Improved lume: All lume will be upgraded to SuperLuminova X1 for a brighter longer-lasting glow. See here for information on SuperLuminova lume:

Stretch Goal #2 $80,000

Green Machine

More information coming soon on this… stay tuned!

Stretch Goal #2 $120,000 - Bracelet

Heavy Metal

The Scuba version 1 was designed with the rubber strap only but people have been asking “are we going to do a bracelet?”

A bracelet is something we planned to release with later versions, but perhaps now is the time to offer one. Due to the late decision to have this stretch goal it was not possible to have a sample made, this is why we only have a 3D render. The bracelet centrelink ties into the hexagonal left side of the case and the end of the hour hand.

As various reviewers have noted the quality of the Scuba finish is very high and the bracelet will be no different. Note that the clasp is subject to change but it will feature double locking and micro-adjustments.

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