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A Style for Everyone

When we developed the Diviso, we wanted to be sure that our customers would still have an opportunity to express themselves individually. 


That's why we created four different colorways of the Diviso - each one with its own charm.

Like its creator, Guy Roebuck, the Diviso is well-traveled, with influence from all over the world.  The textured two-colored dial took inspiration from the metal corrugated roofs found in Texas, while the case back is a not-so-subtle head nod to Round Rock Texas.  Containing features often found on both racing watches and diving watches alike, the Diviso is an homage to sport watches without the sacrifice of class. Dress it up, dress it down, the Diviso was created to be your daily driver.

Detailed Specifications

  • 316L stainless steel case finished with mixed brushed and polished detailing, this is the food/surgical grade stainless steel, also known as marine grade. This ensures the case and buckle will stay corrosion free for decades to come. 

  • The case features mixed finishes and detailing, the case side has a brushed recess with a polished outer frame. The top, lug ends and case back are brushed finish and the bezel is fully polished. All this detailing is hand finished. Dimensions: 42mm diameter, 49.7mm lug to lug, 11.9mm thick 

  • Weight: 99g, 3.4Soz 

  • Water resistance: 10ATM / 100m / 330ft 

  • Highly scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating to the underside. Sapphire crystal is at number 9 on the Mohs hardness scale one behind diamond, which is the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth. This will keep the crystal scratch-free, the most common damage a watch glass sustains. 

  • • Rotating inner chapter ring to use as a timer to track time elapsed or time countdown 

  • Applied numerals and indices, a higher quality solution as opposed to painted on markers. • Super-Luminova BG-W9 lume to hands and markers, a superior lume that is both bright and long-lasting. 

  • Textured two-color dial, inspired by corrugated metal roofing this unique dial catches the light in amazing ways which changes the look and color of the dial depending on the angle and brightness of the source. The dial is the first thing that catches and captives everyone's eye who has seen the Diviso in the flesh. 

  • Miyota 9039 automatic no-date movement, featuring a 42-hour power reserve, a high 28,800 vph beat rate for greater accuracy and a smoother sweeping second hand. 

  • Monogrammed crowns 

  • Carbon fiber look bezel insert, to further enhance the racing vibe of the Diviso. 

  • 22mm tapered Italian leather band with calfskin lining, quick release spring bars, monogrammed 316L stainless steel buckle


Aron Dunlap

“A really nice looking watch with a lot of neat things going on."

Time To Go

"Modern touches on a really cool retro looking watch."

Random Rob

"A real carbon fiber bezel is a nice touch."

While the dial design is pretty fantastic, the real star of this watch is the case finishing. The combination of finishes that Guy was able to achieve with this watch is superb and speaks of higher price-points and quality. A well-executed polished edge accents brushed recesses in the case sides. The embossed crowns are given the same treatment and showcase a combination of brushed and polished accents. I found that the finishing of this watch allowed it to catch the light in a multitude of ways that helped it toe the line between a sports watch and a dress watch despite the fact that no one would mistake this watch for a dress watch. 

Novel Carry - Review: Roebuck Watch Co. - Diviso 

"Diviso" is Italian for "split," a name that applies in more ways than one as the watch is split by a band of color, has an internal timing bezel to split 

timekeeping functions, and has a personality split between diving (the compressor-style case) and driving (the racing striped dial). However you interpret it, the Diviso is an attractive piece. 

The Time Bum - The Roebuck Diviso 

Wearing the Roebuck Diviso is a fairly easy proposition. With the case only measuring in at 12mm thick, it's a simple thing to slip under a cuff. When it pops out, you'll have the light catching on the polished bezel and edge accents of the case, while the other brushed surfaces absorb it a bit more (yup, I'm a fan of alternating case finishes as well). You'll also have light catching on that bezel insert as well. 

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