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Dive Watches - A Brief History

Let's dive right in!

The divers watch as we know it has its roots in the 1950’s, when a French operative needed a reliable and versatile watch for Special Operation missions. The watch in question did not exist and so plans were drawn up.

After a number of roadblocks the CEO of Blancpain watches, an avid diver himself, would produce the first Dive watch. Deemed ‘Fifty Fathoms’ for the 91 meters which it could withstand, it featured the first rotating bezel, allowing the diver to best track immersion times. While watches existed that could withstand water, the Fifty Fathoms was the first purpose-built watch of its kind.

Within the same year, Rolex would start producing a watch of similar aptitude. The Submariner could dive to a record 100 meters, and also presented a rotating bezel similar to Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms. Business acumen allowed Rolex to capitalize on the start of this trend and from there, the modern diver was born.

Innovations were pushing divers to new depths as the Seamaster 300 by Omega made its debut with a 200-meter depth range. The renowned cartographer and diving pioneer, Jacques Cousteau, would be wearing one while conducting experiments in the Red Sea.

It was the integrated-band watches of the 1970s from which we would take inspiration. Particularly, we wanted to make an alternative to the diver homage, and its lookalikes. We wanted to bring a seamless, coherent design to the market, one that makes for a clean aesthetic and arguably a higher level of comfort. We wanted to make the Scuba, so we did.

To create the modern diver, the team at Roebuck went above and beyond. Equipped with a simple yet dazzling gradient dial, we also incorporated an octagonal case and a textured crown that stands out from the replicas.

Our goal was to serve the dive watch market with something new and refreshing, and we did just that. The piece will be available in 3 colors (soon 4!) and our watch marries appeal with individuality for the perfect fit.

While the style was high on the list, performance has always been a priority at Roebuck. The Scuba is Water Resistant to 300m and sports an integrated two-tone rubber strap. Despite its name, the Scuba is suitable across the board - from diving to sailing, fishing, or surfing.

Some of our watches may never explore the depths, but even off the water, the dependability of our watches makes them a solid companion while camping or hiking. The Scuba, just as impressive in low light as in the sunshine, maintains a 120-click unidirectional sapphire bezel. Along with the bezel, the dial, crown, hour, minute and second h

ands are all lumed.

These pieces are meant to represent the exploration of the unknown - whether above the clouds or beneath the sea. They lend themselves to cutting-edge technology and a desire to push the boundaries. The Scuba is our second watch, following the Diviso - a racing-inspired timepiece released in early 2020. With the challenges of a pandemic slowing down the gears, a Kickstarter campaign will be launched to fund the piece. We look forward to the challenge and can’t wait to bring something unique and timeless to the market.

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