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The Diviso: Choosing the Colors

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

FUN FACT: The Diviso started out as a chronograph using the Seiko VK64 mechaquartz movement and the same corrugated dial.

We here at Roebuck Watch Company love mechanical watches, so we wanted our first watch to be an automatic. The plan was to produce both the Diviso and the chronograph at the same time, finances withstanding and with a small production run we had to use the same colors for both dials. Unfortunately, we could only produce one style, so it had to be the Diviso.

Black and White: It’s as classic as James Bond sipping a martini or a checkered flag waving at the end of Le Mans. Everyone loves a panda and reverse panda chronograph dial so that is how the Diviso ended up with the white/black dial, we changed the black/white to black/silver for differentiation.

Orange and Blue: This variant has been the most popular and most reviewers have referenced Gulf Racing colors. Being a petrol head I am aware of this connection, however the real reason isn’t related to racing at all. My wife and I are big travelers and if I see a nice souvenir t-shirt I will buy it as a memento – one that is useful. On a trip to California I bought a light blue t-shirt with an orange pocket with the California bear on it (I think it is so cool to have a bear as the state symbol). I love the shirt and loved the color combination so I decided to use it in one of our models.

Green and Gray: In the early 20th century motor-racing was illegal in England so English drivers would have to travel to Ireland to race. The Brits painted their cars green as a sign of gratitude towards the Irish. and thus was the beginning of British Racing Green. As the Diviso has a motorsport theme to it, and me being half English, it just made sense to have a BRG model. We tried a few different colors to go with the green but gray complimented the green the best in our eyes, so British racing green and gray it was.

So there you have it, how the Diviso got its four faces.

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